Wednesday, January 14 2015

Documenting Promises in JavaScript with YUIDoc

When developing with Promise in JavaScript, the documentation may be a hard point. Here is how I do, when documenting code with YUIDoc:

 * ...
 * @method doSomething
 * @param {Object} pOptions The Options
 * @return {Promise|Object} A promise of the result that returns an object in case of success
 * @static

The trick is to only specify the return type when the promise is resolved. When the promise is rejected, the return type is always an Error or a subclass of Error. Moreover, by using a | character, both the Promise type and the return type are clickable.

This tip was first spotted in the following StackOverflow comment.

Sunday, April 20 2014

Overriding ToString in C++/CX ref types

This is a quick note about how to properly overriding the Platform::Object::ToString method in C++/CX ref types (classes and structs). The thing to remember is to specify the entire signature. Do not shorten or modify the signature, otherwise the build will miserably fail with cryptic errors.  […]

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Saturday, October 5 2013

Building OpenSSL for iOS and OSX

Since the announcement of iOS 7.0, a lot of frenzy has been observed around OpenSSL. In fact, since the local receipt validation is now mandatory, OpenSSL has become a vital part of iOS development. If you search for "OpenSSL iOS" on GitHub, you will find a of projects that allow the  […]

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Thursday, May 24 2012

Debugging Mac AppStore receipt validation

Setting up receipt validation for Mac OS X application can be a tedious task, especially with all the steps to follow in order to have a proper test environnement. Of course, by using Receigen, the code writing part is easy as pie, but most of the issues occur during the testing. I have written a  […]

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Tuesday, May 15 2012

Receigen 1.7.0 is available

I am proud to announce the general availability of Receigen 1.7.0. This new version introduces some bug fixes. My thanks go to Receigen's users for their reports. Even if the price can seem high, think about the time you would have spent on: writing the validation code making harder to  […]

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Wednesday, March 28 2012

Receigen 1.6.0 is available

I am proud to announce the general availability of Receigen 1.6.0. This new version introduces more options to control the code generation. It also adds UI tweaks coming from user feedback. My thanks go to Receigen's users for their reports. Even if the price can seem high, think about the time you  […]

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Tuesday, February 7 2012

Receigen 1.5.0 is out

I am proud to announce the general availability of Receigen 1.5.0. This new version introduces the ability to browse and validate the InApp purchases stored into the receipt. This is a major step as Receigen is now the only product on the market to offer both receipt and InApp purchase validation.  […]

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Thursday, December 1 2011

How-to: Testing the Mac App Store receipt validation

If you are developping an application for the Mac App Store, then you have to implement and test receipt validation. This entry details all the steps needed to be able to test the Map App Store receipt validation. Note: This entry is based on various information gathered from the Apple website and  […]

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Sunday, November 6 2011

Mac OS X Application SandBoxing: what about Apple ?

There is a lot of discussions around the upcoming sandboxing requirement for all the Mac App Store published applications. There were several publications on the subject with sometimes very elaborate discussion: MacRumors Slashdot Daring Fireball Wil Shipley These articles lead me to wondering:  […]

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Saturday, October 29 2011

Receigen, a smart code generator for Mac App Store receipt validation

Receigen has just been made available in the Mac App Store. If you are developing an application for Mac and want to distribute it in the Mac App Store, you will be inevitably faced to receipt validation. This entry explains what is receipt validation and why Receigen can help you. What is receipt  […]

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Wednesday, October 19 2011

Mac AppStore receipt validation testing

This entry tries to list all the required step in order to test a Mac App Store receipt validation. If you look a smart and simple way to generate the receipt validation code, try Receigen on the Mac App Store. Previously on receipt validation... For those who are still wondering what is receipt  […]

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Sunday, October 2 2011

How to upgrade Jenkins on Mac OS X (daemon mode)

Jenkins, the continuous integration server, provides a nice package to run it on Mac OS X. It installs as a launch daemon and runs smoothly. But when a new version of Jenkins is available, there is no automatic upgrade feature. So here is how to upgrade this kind of installtion: Download the latest  […]

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Sunday, September 18 2011

Monobjc Continuous Integration

Monobjc CI Infrastructure

The upcoming version of Monobjc 4.0, will be able to run on Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 operating systems under both i386 and x86_64 architectures. For a complete coverage of this platforms and architectures, the goal is to have these three platforms readily available so non-regression and  […]

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Monday, September 12 2011

NAnt - Mono 4.0 Profile

This entry describes how to build the Mono 4.0 profile for NAnt. This is needed if you want to target the Mono 4.0 profile with NAnt, as the Mono framework does ship with a rather old version of NAnt. Getting the source The source code can be fetched with CVS. Refer to the NAnt source code page on  […]

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Sunday, September 4 2011

Xcode 3.2.6, Lion and PPC support

Note: this entry is a follow-up of this StackOverflow entry. It gathers tricks from Anatomic Wax, StackOverflow and my personal experience. Installing Xcode 3.2.6 In order to install Xcode 3.2.6 correctly on Lion, you need to use a trick to fool the installer so it installs everything (via ): Mount  […]

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Thursday, July 21 2011

Monobjc under Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

As some of you may have noticed, Monobjc is under heavy development to support the newly released version of Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion. Thanks to the architecture redesign performed under the version 3.0 (the native runtime), the transition is smooth and easy. A preview release of Monobjc  […]

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Sunday, July 10 2011

Better than TRIM (but slower)

Yesterday, I give a shot on SuperDuper. It is a small but amazing utility that can backup whole disks and has many neat options. After backing up and restoring my system, I was surprised when it booted a little faster and was freed from all the temporary files. It is actually better than TRIM, but  […]

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Thursday, June 30 2011

How to retrieve Xcode docset

Apple publish the Xcode docset through RSS feeds, so Xcode can check and download them easily. If you are interested in retrieving the docsets directly, here is the catch: The feed for Snow Leopard docset can be viewed at:  […]

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Thursday, May 19 2011

Monobjc and OpenGL

Some people have noticied that the new major release of Monobjc was lacking of OpenGL support. I am currently working on it and have finalized the new bindings. There will be more complete and flexible, and I expect to provide several sample applications (NSTimer based or Display-Link based) to  […]

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Monobjc now offers CorePlot support

Starting with the release 3.0.1405.0, the Monobjc bridge offers a complete CorePlot support. You can now use this framework for your graphs. Two sample applications have been added for demonstration purpose.

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