Thursday, March 3 2011

Always redirect to the latest version of a .NET assembly

Image that your .NET application uses an assembly. When compiled, the application references the exact version of that assembly. If a new minor of this assembly is installed, your application will not use it unless a policy told her so. This is fine in most cases, as it avoids the DLL hell issue.  […]

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Wednesday, February 23 2011

Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X

If you ever wanted to try (or even use) Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X, I have created a small project on GitHub called Mono-Sixty-Four. This is a simple scrip that creates a minimal 64 bits Mono runtime and merges it with an existing Universal 32 bits Mono runtime. At the end, you get a Universal 32/64  […]

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Tuesday, December 7 2010

Testing on Mac OS X 10.5/10.6

While developping an application, it is a good practice to test on the targeted platforms to ensure that everyhing goes well. If you are developing on Mac OS X 10.6, it can be challenging to know if the application will still run on Mac OS X 10.5. You have two solutions: - Get two other Mac hardware  […]

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Sunday, December 5 2010

SSD, well it is time to go

I have recently decided to go with a SSD for my MacBook. I have chosen an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD of 240 Gb. I was wondering if the performance push would be there, but instead, I noticed an interested effect of using a SSD: constancy. After migrating my old data to the new disk, I started my usual  […]

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Tuesday, November 23 2010

Class Prefixes in Mac OS X Frameworks

Ever wanted to have all the class prefixes used in Mac OS X frameworks ? A simple answer lies in Apple documentation; here it is.

Thursday, November 11 2010

State of the Union for Monobjc

New Runtime

It is been a while since I blogged about Monobjc. Some people may have thought that the project was in sleep (or worst dead), but it is not. I work on Monobjc on my spare time, which means that the project does not go as fast as I would. And as the last six months have been quite harsh for me on the  […]

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Thursday, May 6 2010

Building OpenSSL for iPhone

With the latest iPhone SDK 4.0 release, Apple has introduced the concept of fat binaries to the iPhone/iPad platform. Now, applications for these devices are built for both ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures. This has an impact on the third-party libraries you may choose to use, especially the one that  […]

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Friday, December 18 2009

AddDependentFiles Addin updated for Visual Studio 2008

I have update my Visual Studio adding named "Add Dependent Files" (See the original entry). It is available for download here.

Friday, June 19 2009

Citation Mathématique

A la suite de la planche XKCD d'aujourd'hui, ma navigation m'a amenée sur la page Wikipedia du mathématicien Paul Erdös. S'il ne faut en retenir qu'une seule chose, c'est qu'il n'était pas dépourvu d'humour: "Les premiers signes de la sénilité sont quand un homme oublie les théorèmes. Le  […]

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Saturday, May 16 2009

How to use a MacBook in closed clamshell with an external display

It is very simple; just follow the instructions of this article: But there is a gotcha: if you don't connect your MacBook to the power outlet, you will never be able to use the external display.

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