November 2005 (4)

Tuesday, November 22 2005

DotClear et le spam

Afin de contrer le spam sur les blogs DotClear, il existe le plugin Spamplemousse. Un moyen complémentaire pour faire barrage à la plupart des robots de spam et de forcer la pré-visualisation des commentaires : la soumission d'un commentaire se fait donc en deux temps : saisie du commentaire et  […]

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Conluence 2.0 is out

Atlassian has released the version 2.0 of Confluence, a profressional Wiki software. The upgrade from the version 1.4.4 is done smoothly and the only configuration needed is the setup of the data repository path. Once logged-in, two things catch the eyes : the Favourite Pages list and the Feed  […]

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Monday, November 14 2005

My Blog has moved

After nearly three years on JRoller, I have decided to move my blog. I am now running it on DotClear, which is a nice blog software. My articles will follow as soon as I have finished the layout.

Thursday, November 3 2005

MacOS X 10.4.3 : Is you Mac performing better ?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes too. In fact, since I have upgraded to 10.4.3, I have seen noticeable improvements in speed on my iBook. Google Reader now loads and responds in less than 1 second (in 10.4.2, I have to wait 5 or 10 seconds between entries), and the bluetooth file  […]

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