March 2006 (4)

Friday, March 24 2006

Easy search with Javamail

When dealing with message folder, the temptation is strong to re-invent the wheel when it comes to make a search through its messages. One evident solution is to grab all the messages, test against the criteria, and if the message matches, store it for further need. Since JavaMail 1.1, a search  […]

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Tuesday, March 21 2006

Microsoft.mshtml.dll within a .NET application

If you are using the MSHTML package in your .NET application, be aware that Visual Studio .NET 2003 does not copy it into you project. Instead, it references it like any other assemblies of the .NET framework. The problem is that this DLL is not installed by default on a Windows XP SP2 system. So  […]

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Saturday, March 11 2006

iMac by Chanel

As I was walking by the Grands Boulevards in Paris, I stopped in front of a window of the department store. As always, the windows are very pleasant to watch because there host well-crafted scenes about fashion. In the windows I stopped by, you could see two mannequins wearing Chanel clothes.  […]

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Thursday, March 9 2006

Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro

They did it : it's here..