October 2006 (3)

Friday, October 20 2006

Alain Korkos (encore) dans Télérama

Cela fait toujours plaisir de voir que les blogs de qualité ont une couverture médiatique à leur mesure, même si on pourrait penser que celle-ci est élitiste. Donc pour la seconde fois (la première, c'est ici), La Boîte à Images est dans Télérama !!! A lire ici.  […]

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Thursday, October 5 2006

Designing generic controls in Visual Studio 2005

Maybe you have just spotted the following problem with Visual Studio 2005 : you can create an abstract form, which inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form, and modify it in the visual designer. But if you inherit it, you cannot modify it in the visual designer. You think it is kind of strange, but the  […]

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Wednesday, October 4 2006

Installing software from ISO images without burning them

More and more software are distributed on ISO images and to install them, you must burn CDs, and launch the installation. While it is great if you like to store tons of CDs, or even if you are using a rewritable medium, it is a bit clumsy and totally avoidable. Here is how. For illustration purpose,  […]

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