November 2007 (5)

Wednesday, November 21 2007

What I really like about Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I recently successfully upgrade my MacBook to the new version of Mac OS X, also known as Leopard. After one hour, I had a ready to go system, without any problem. I think Leopard is a great upgrade especially for: The Finder is now very smart and responsive. The search is amazingly fast and  […]

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It's a Geek Geek World #5458

Wednesday, November 14 2007

It's a Geek Geek World #5449

Tuesday, November 13 2007

Change the large size of dock icons

While testing the glass effect on the MacOS Dock on Leopard, I was suprised to see a curious parameter in It is related to the large size of the dock icons when magnification is enabled. The preferences pane let you set this value to 128 at most, but you can put arbitrary value  […]

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Wednesday, November 7 2007

It's a Geek Geek World #5073