August 2008 (4)

Monday, August 25 2008

How to put a clickable hyperlink into a static NSTextField ?

The title is pretty clear, and the answer to the question is pretty simple: Technical Q&A QA1487. Et voilà !!!

Wednesday, August 20 2008

Citation Rigolote

"On a de la chance cette année, l’été est tombé un week-end." (via Padawan).

Wednesday, August 13 2008

Are you Vexed ?

If you like puzzle and you have an iPhone, you will like Vexed. I have download it yesterday and I cannot stop myself from trying to solve all these puzzles (the site lists 1100 puzzles !!!). It is a must-have for any iPhone owner. Click to download on iTunes.

Monday, August 11 2008

Raytracing with Mono on Mac OS X

A while ago, Luke Hoban implemented a ray-tracing sample application. I have made a Cocoa port of this application by using the Monobjc bridge, and it was over in less than one hour. Here is a screenshot: You can download the source code as part of Monobjc.  […]

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