Sunday, April 20 2014

Overriding ToString in C++/CX ref types

This is a quick note about how to properly overriding the Platform::Object::ToString method in C++/CX ref types (classes and structs). The thing to remember is to specify the entire signature. Do not shorten or modify the signature, otherwise the build will miserably fail with cryptic errors.  […]

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Monday, September 12 2011

NAnt - Mono 4.0 Profile

This entry describes how to build the Mono 4.0 profile for NAnt. This is needed if you want to target the Mono 4.0 profile with NAnt, as the Mono framework does ship with a rather old version of NAnt. Getting the source The source code can be fetched with CVS. Refer to the NAnt source code page on  […]

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Thursday, March 3 2011

Always redirect to the latest version of a .NET assembly

Image that your .NET application uses an assembly. When compiled, the application references the exact version of that assembly. If a new minor of this assembly is installed, your application will not use it unless a policy told her so. This is fine in most cases, as it avoids the DLL hell issue.  […]

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Wednesday, February 23 2011

Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X

If you ever wanted to try (or even use) Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X, I have created a small project on GitHub called Mono-Sixty-Four. This is a simple scrip that creates a minimal 64 bits Mono runtime and merges it with an existing Universal 32 bits Mono runtime. At the end, you get a Universal 32/64  […]

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Friday, December 18 2009

AddDependentFiles Addin updated for Visual Studio 2008

I have update my Visual Studio adding named "Add Dependent Files" (See the original entry). It is available for download here.

Wednesday, April 29 2009

Monobjc supports SM2DGraphView framework

Monobjc 2.0.342.0 was released on April 2009, the 15th. One major addition in Monobjc is the support of SM2DGraphView graphing framework. It is the first round to include a graphing framework, and I hope to enhance the support in the next releases.

Sunday, December 21 2008

Sparkle support in Monobjc

Monobjc 2.0.313.0 was released on December 2008, the 17th. One major addition in Monobjc is the support of Sparkle update engine. Sparkle is one of the most used framework in the Cocoa world, as it makes updating an application a breeze. The main problem with Sparkle in Monobjc was the private  […]

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Saturday, December 13 2008

Monobjc with Delphi Prism

I am pleased to see that Monobjc can be now used with Delphi Prism thanks to RemObjects Software. Marc Hoffman has a nice blog entry about this integration.

Thursday, November 13 2008

<mkbundle/> task in Monobjc

Many people want to package their .NET application for Mac OS X. And above all, they want the experience to be painless, which means that they want to ship an application that runs, whether Mono is installed or not. The process of packaging a .NET application for Mac OS X basically follows 4 steps:  […]

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Tuesday, November 11 2008

Monobjc has been released

A new release of Monobjc is available. Even if it provides only minor bug fixes, it contains an important work of refactoring of the messaging engine. I will blog on it later. As usual, Downloads, Tutorials and Samples.

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