Tuesday, November 11 2008

Citation du jour

La citation du jour nous vient de Bruno Kerouanton (excellent blog sur la sécurité informatique): "La sécurité, tout le monde s’en fout : - Au boulot, c’est le problème de l’employeur, pas de l’employé. - A la maison, c’est comme les chiottes. Il y a un PC par maison, toute la famille s’en sert  […]

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Wednesday, October 4 2006

Installing software from ISO images without burning them

More and more software are distributed on ISO images and to install them, you must burn CDs, and launch the installation. While it is great if you like to store tons of CDs, or even if you are using a rewritable medium, it is a bit clumsy and totally avoidable. Here is how. For illustration purpose,  […]

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Saturday, July 15 2006

Firefox 2.0 and RSS subscription

I have recently installed Firefox 2.0 on my computer and really appreciated its speed. Apart from some crashes after extensions upgrade, I noticed a clear enhancement in the browsing. As I was reading a blog, I wanted to subscribe to its RSS feed. As I am using the Google Reader, I usually copy the  […]

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Friday, February 24 2006

Vague de SPAM !!!

Suite à une vague de spam sur les blogs, j'ai quand même eu quatre commentaires sur une entrée relative au jeu du sablier de la fin des blogs. Et quatre commentaires sur entrée, c'est un record sur ce blog !!! Plus sérieusement, j'ai appliqué sur ce blog une astuce assez simple qui à mon avis peut  […]

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Monday, January 30 2006

Samsung SGH-Z500V phone as wireless modem

A couple of days ago, I bought a brand new UMTS phone. It is a Samsung SGH-Z500V model which provides everything you execpt from a phone. The two major points about this phone are : it can play MP3 files and it is Bluetooth enable. MP3 support is important to me because I make my ringtones myself. I  […]

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Monday, November 14 2005

My Blog has moved

After nearly three years on JRoller, I have decided to move my blog. I am now running it on DotClear, which is a nice blog software. My articles will follow as soon as I have finished the layout.

Friday, July 29 2005

Testing a Web application on various browsers

When you are developpping Web applications that must run on various browsers, how can you test it on a single machine ? An answer is emulation. As I am developping on a Windows machine, I have installed the PearPC emulator and MacOS X 10.3. So now, I am able to test Web applications on three  […]

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