Sunday, October 2 2011

How to upgrade Jenkins on Mac OS X (daemon mode)

Jenkins, the continuous integration server, provides a nice package to run it on Mac OS X. It installs as a launch daemon and runs smoothly. But when a new version of Jenkins is available, there is no automatic upgrade feature. So here is how to upgrade this kind of installtion: Download the latest  […]

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Tuesday, March 27 2007

Choix du type d'exception : Checked ou Unchecked

Petite règle qui peut aider au choix du type d'exception entre Checked et Unchecked : Si l'appelant d'une méthode ne peut rien faire pour résoudre le problème quand une exception est levée, alors rendez cette exception Unchecked [Via] Pour rappel, une exception est dite Checked quand elle est  […]

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Monday, June 5 2006

Babies in Eclipse

When browsing the Eclipse SWT website, you can be a bit surprised... Here is what you can see if you read the SWT 3.2 Plan carrefully : Needless to say, that these babies won't be part of the download...

Tuesday, May 16 2006

JDK 1.5 source code under Eclipse on MacOS X

There is one thing pretty annoying with the Apple Java Development Kit : you don't have access to the source code under Eclipse. Why ? Simply because Apple doesn't ship it with the JDK and therefore Eclipse cannot discover it. So, what can I do if I want to have the source code linked to the JRE  […]

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Friday, March 24 2006

Easy search with Javamail

When dealing with message folder, the temptation is strong to re-invent the wheel when it comes to make a search through its messages. One evident solution is to grab all the messages, test against the criteria, and if the message matches, store it for further need. Since JavaMail 1.1, a search  […]

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Friday, January 13 2006

Skype buttons for Confluence : the sequel

In a previous entry, I have described how to create a simple macro to have a SkypeMe button in Confluence Wiki. To go a step further, here is a more complete macro that covers all the cases offered by Skype : this Confluence macros is based on the Skype URI documentation. Here is the skype macro.  […]

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Wednesday, December 7 2005

Tapestry without specification files ?

In Tapestry, a page or a component development usally involves three elements : a template file, a specification file and Java class. It is the most common case (even if there are some cases where one or two of theses elements are not used). What I find annoying in the Tapestry specification files  […]

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Monday, December 5 2005

Hyperlink without link in Confluence

If you are a Confluence user, here is a trick to display hyperlinks without generating links within Confluence pages. It is a simple macro that takes the hyperlink and skip the link creation. The result is an hyperlink that is not clickable. It is very useful to avoid unwanted click on the  […]

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Hangman Application for Tapestry 4.0

I have updated the Hangman application for Tapestry 4.0. It is now running with Tapestry 4.0b13 and Hivemind 1.1. Of course, source code is included, released in the public domain et feedback is welcomed. For those who are insterested, my initial port is here.

Tuesday, November 22 2005

Conluence 2.0 is out

Atlassian has released the version 2.0 of Confluence, a profressional Wiki software. The upgrade from the version 1.4.4 is done smoothly and the only configuration needed is the setup of the data repository path. Once logged-in, two things catch the eyes : the Favourite Pages list and the Feed  […]

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