Wednesday, February 13 2008

Extracting iLBC code from RFC 3951

iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) is a free speech codec suitable for robust voice communication over IP. It is provided as freeware under a royalty-free licence from Global IP Solutions. This codec is used within Skype for the sound transport. One nice thing is that Global IP Solutions has setup a  […]

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Thursday, November 27 2003

DocBook, you want some ?

In my constant search of lazyness, I was interesting in the DocBook format. I reckon that the DocBook XML format is not the most user-friendly XML format, BUT, I think it is one of the most complete one. Why ? In fact, DocBook is appealing because of another related project : the DocBook XSL  […]

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Friday, June 20 2003

Solaris 9.0/x86

I have recently upgraded to Solaris 9.0 for x86 architecture. Very happy with it. Purchase and Installation Despite the fact that now the media are not free, I think that $20 for an operating system is not a high cost. In fact, I have choosen the cheaper solution, buying the downloads media and then  […]

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Wednesday, April 23 2003

Install of Solaris/X86

I finally managed to install Solaris 2.8 on my computer. I have found two good resources that are a must :- : a nice place with a tons of links (how to have a dual-boot Sol/Win, tutorials, FAQs and drivers...)- : a cool place to find everything  […]

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