If you are a Confluence user, here is a trick to display SkypeMe buttons within Confluence pages. It is a simple macro that takes the Skype pseudo and set up a button around it. The result is an inline image which starts a Skype call when clicked (of course you need Skype installed on your machine).

To define the macro, log into Confluence as an administrator and select the "User Macro" menu on the left. Select "Create Macro" and type the following :

Name skypeme
Macro Has Body yes
<a href="callto://$generalUtil.escapeXml($body)">
<img src="http://goodies.skype.com/graphics/skypeme_btn_small_green.gif" border="0">

Use the macro as following :

Wiki Source Result

Update (2005-12-23) : Charles Miller has added this macro to the Confluence Site. I have modified the code to reflect his advice : using the $generalUtil.escapeXml() function to avoid cross-site scripting attacks. Thank to you Charles !