Atlassian has released the version 2.0 of Confluence, a profressional Wiki software. The upgrade from the version 1.4.4 is done smoothly and the only configuration needed is the setup of the data repository path.

Once logged-in, two things catch the eyes : the Favourite Pages list and the Feed Builder button. You can now mark your prefered pages and they are listed on your dashboard. The Feed Builder allows to select what your feed will be : space choice, type of content and feed format.

The best feature of Confluence 2.0 is the Wysiwyg editor used to edit pages. It is truly easy to use and very smooth. And of course, it works on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari without any glitch. Only macros and plugins are not rendered inside it. But for every day editing, it is faster than the Wiki syntax.

Confluence 2.0 is a truly profressional product and greatly simplify the administration : installation, upgrade, backup and restoration are mostly done through a Web interface. A must have Wiki software.