While coding Windows Forms application with , I wanted to have an icon in the Windows systray. While it seems easy as there is a class in the framework, it doesn't support the ballon tips. The support was only introduced in the .NET framework 2.0 but if you are stucked with the release 1.1, you have to find another way.

Fortunatly, has done the job of providing a component that mimics the NotifyIcon class, with a support for balloon tip.

While looking at the code, I saw that the icon displayed in the balloon tip cannot be the application icon. After looking at the MSDN Library for the structure, I saw that Windows XP SP2 and later add the ability to display the application icon in the balloon tip. So, if you want to add this capability, just modifiy the Hans Blomme's code as follow :

Public Enum EBalloonIcon
  None = &H0 ' NIIF_NONE
  [Error] = &H3 ' NIIF_ERROR
  Info = &H1 ' NIIF_INFO
  Warning = &H2 ' NIIF_WARNING
  User = &H4 ' NIIF_USER
End Enum

Once done, you will have an additionnal choice when choosing which icon to display in the balloon tip : the application one.