Samsung SGH-Z500VA couple of days ago, I bought a brand new UMTS phone. It is a model which provides everything you execpt from a phone. The two major points about this phone are : it can play MP3 files and it is enable.

MP3 support is important to me because I make my ringtones myself. I like to grab a music title from a CD, cut it to obtain a 20 seconds extract, convert it to MP3 at 48kbps and put it on the phone. The quality is far above the ringtones you can purchase from your operator.

Bluetooth is equally important because I have a Mac and phones are usally shipped with PC cables and softwares. So if you want to use a phone with a Mac, well, it must have a Bluetooth support.

And the last point about this phone is that it makes an excellent wireless modem. My UMTS carrier announces 384kbps for UTMS data connections, and my tests show a download speed at 40ko/s. Really amazing !!!