I have been using extensively and for a month now. They both have their advantages and their drawbacks but they both run well on my PC. A few days ago, I wanted to try as a virtual machine. Why a virtual machine ? Because all the burden of getting a dedicated machine is skipped and the impact on performance is acceptable when using an OS occasionally.

That's when I try to boot the Solaris DVD that I realized that there was a big difference between VMWare Player and Virtual PC : the later won't boot the DVD. Why ? I don't know and I really don't have much time to find out why. Virtual PC just hangs after the kernel bootstrap, consuming all the CPU, wihtout any feedback.

But VMWare Player dit it and without any problems. Here are some screenshots (installation and use).

Solaris 10 Screenshot
Solaris 10 Screenshot Solaris 10 Screenshot
Graphical Installation Updating Solaris 10
Solaris 10 Screenshot Solaris 10 Screenshot
Login Screen Web Browsing

A few notes about the installation :

  • It is pretty long, so be patient.
  • Once installed, run Sun Update Manager to get the latest patches and drivers.
  • I found the screen resolution too small. To change it, open a Terminal and run the "/usr/X11/bin/xorgcfg" command. Select the graphic card, choose "Configure" and select the "VMWare VMWare0710" video driver. Select a decent monitor. Logout. The X Server should restart with a bigger resolution.

In the future, if I need to install a custom OS, I will go with VMWare Player without any further hesitations.