Thursday, January 17 2008

Monobjc is alive (hourray)

After six month of casual development, I am pleased to announce the Monobjc project. The Monobjc project provides a .NET/Objective-C bridge that can be used to add the power of the Mac OS X API (Cocoa, CoreGraphics, WebKit, QuickTime, etc) to .NET application (thanks to Mono).

Thursday, February 1 2007

Add Link to a file in Visual Studio 2005

Maybe you have already seen that in some Visual Studio 2005 projects : a item that represents a link to a file (see image below). It is very handy to reference through a link a file : for example, if you have three projects that uses the same file, just put a link. But when I add item to my project,  […]

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Friday, December 8 2006

Dependent Files under Visual Studio 2005

A nice feature of Visual Studio 2005 is the ability to group source files by dependencies. This is what Visual Studio 2005 does when it creates a Form class or a visual control : a dependent file named from the class name is created and linked to the primary source file (as shown in the picture  […]

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Tuesday, November 28 2006

Using Microsoft RTC API under Windows Vista

If you are developping an application base on the Microsoft RTC API, a big surprise is awaiting you with Windows Vista. The installation of the RTC API miserably failed, because of lack of privileges. The result is that the RTC side-by-side assemblies are not available, thus the application does not  […]

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Tuesday, June 20 2006

Easy P/Invoke on .NET

When you need to use a P/Invoke call in Microsoft .NET, it is always hard to find the right DLL signature and the additionnal structures in one shot. I recommend the following site which lists all the method signatures and the required structures for a lot of system DLLs. And it is open  […]

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Tuesday, March 21 2006

Microsoft.mshtml.dll within a .NET application

If you are using the MSHTML package in your .NET application, be aware that Visual Studio .NET 2003 does not copy it into you project. Instead, it references it like any other assemblies of the .NET framework. The problem is that this DLL is not installed by default on a Windows XP SP2 system. So  […]

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Friday, January 27 2006

NotifyIcon with Balloon Tip

While coding Windows Forms application with .NET framework 1.1, I wanted to have an icon in the Windows systray. While it seems easy as there is a NotifyIcon class in the framework, it doesn't support the ballon tips. The support was only introduced in the .NET framework 2.0 but if you are stucked  […]

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Monday, January 9 2006

Passage à C# .NET

Cela fait maintenant deux semaines que je développe en C# sous Windows .Net. Venant du monde Java, le saut n'est pas aussi grand que pour un nouveau langage, mais C# possède quelques particularités qui nécessitent une petite adaptation. Par contre, le cycle de développement en Windows Form est très  […]

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