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Wednesday, February 23 2011

Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X

If you ever wanted to try (or even use) Mono 64 bits on Mac OS X, I have created a small project on GitHub called Mono-Sixty-Four. This is a simple scrip that creates a minimal 64 bits Mono runtime and merges it with an existing Universal 32 bits Mono runtime. At the end, you get a Universal 32/64  […]

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Saturday, May 16 2009

How to use a MacBook in closed clamshell with an external display

It is very simple; just follow the instructions of this article: But there is a gotcha: if you don't connect your MacBook to the power outlet, you will never be able to use the external display.

Wednesday, April 29 2009

Monobjc supports SM2DGraphView framework

Monobjc 2.0.342.0 was released on April 2009, the 15th. One major addition in Monobjc is the support of SM2DGraphView graphing framework. It is the first round to include a graphing framework, and I hope to enhance the support in the next releases.

Sunday, December 21 2008

Sparkle support in Monobjc

Monobjc 2.0.313.0 was released on December 2008, the 17th. One major addition in Monobjc is the support of Sparkle update engine. Sparkle is one of the most used framework in the Cocoa world, as it makes updating an application a breeze. The main problem with Sparkle in Monobjc was the private  […]

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Wednesday, September 17 2008

VMWare Fusion 2.0 is out, and it goes fast

I am a long term fan of VMWare Fusion, and I have followed with interest the various beta of VMWare Fusion. Today, I have installed the 2.0 final release, and I immediatly see that something has changed. Things seems to go faster, snappier and slicker. So, if you own a Mac and wants to go into the  […]

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Sunday, September 14 2008

Future of Monobjc

Monobjc is more than one year old, and the time has come to go beyond the Monobjc bridge. In order to develop the .NET programming on Mac OS X, a bridge is not enough. A whole development ecosystem is needed, so any new developer will have all the necessary tools to leverage the power of .NET on Mac  […]

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Wednesday, September 10 2008

Migrating from CocoaSharp to Monobjc

If you are using CocoaSharp and you want to migrate to Monobjc, read this tutorial. It contains tip and tricks to ease the migration.

Monday, August 25 2008

How to put a clickable hyperlink into a static NSTextField ?

The title is pretty clear, and the answer to the question is pretty simple: Technical Q&A QA1487. Et voilà !!!

Monday, August 11 2008

Raytracing with Mono on Mac OS X

A while ago, Luke Hoban implemented a ray-tracing sample application. I have made a Cocoa port of this application by using the Monobjc bridge, and it was over in less than one hour. Here is a screenshot: You can download the source code as part of Monobjc.  […]

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Thursday, March 13 2008

Never trust a computer you can't lift

"Today, I met an IBM mainframe. Never trust a computer you can't lift" (via Maceinstein)  […]

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