Sunday, October 2 2011

How to upgrade Jenkins on Mac OS X (daemon mode)

Jenkins, the continuous integration server, provides a nice package to run it on Mac OS X. It installs as a launch daemon and runs smoothly. But when a new version of Jenkins is available, there is no automatic upgrade feature. So here is how to upgrade this kind of installtion: Download the latest  […]

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Tuesday, March 27 2007

Choix du type d'exception : Checked ou Unchecked

Petite règle qui peut aider au choix du type d'exception entre Checked et Unchecked : Si l'appelant d'une méthode ne peut rien faire pour résoudre le problème quand une exception est levée, alors rendez cette exception Unchecked [Via] Pour rappel, une exception est dite Checked quand elle est  […]

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Monday, June 5 2006

Babies in Eclipse

When browsing the Eclipse SWT website, you can be a bit surprised... Here is what you can see if you read the SWT 3.2 Plan carrefully : Needless to say, that these babies won't be part of the download...

Tuesday, May 16 2006

JDK 1.5 source code under Eclipse on MacOS X

There is one thing pretty annoying with the Apple Java Development Kit : you don't have access to the source code under Eclipse. Why ? Simply because Apple doesn't ship it with the JDK and therefore Eclipse cannot discover it. So, what can I do if I want to have the source code linked to the JRE  […]

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Friday, March 24 2006

Easy search with Javamail

When dealing with message folder, the temptation is strong to re-invent the wheel when it comes to make a search through its messages. One evident solution is to grab all the messages, test against the criteria, and if the message matches, store it for further need. Since JavaMail 1.1, a search  […]

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Friday, January 13 2006

Skype buttons for Confluence : the sequel

In a previous entry, I have described how to create a simple macro to have a SkypeMe button in Confluence Wiki. To go a step further, here is a more complete macro that covers all the cases offered by Skype : this Confluence macros is based on the Skype URI documentation. Here is the skype macro.  […]

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Monday, January 9 2006

Passage à C# .NET

Cela fait maintenant deux semaines que je développe en C# sous Windows .Net. Venant du monde Java, le saut n'est pas aussi grand que pour un nouveau langage, mais C# possède quelques particularités qui nécessitent une petite adaptation. Par contre, le cycle de développement en Windows Form est très  […]

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