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Sunday, September 14 2008

Future of Monobjc

Monobjc is more than one year old, and the time has come to go beyond the Monobjc bridge. In order to develop the .NET programming on Mac OS X, a bridge is not enough. A whole development ecosystem is needed, so any new developer will have all the necessary tools to leverage the power of .NET on Mac  […]

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Wednesday, September 10 2008

Migrating from CocoaSharp to Monobjc

If you are using CocoaSharp and you want to migrate to Monobjc, read this tutorial. It contains tip and tricks to ease the migration.

Monday, August 11 2008

Raytracing with Mono on Mac OS X

A while ago, Luke Hoban implemented a ray-tracing sample application. I have made a Cocoa port of this application by using the Monobjc bridge, and it was over in less than one hour. Here is a screenshot: You can download the source code as part of Monobjc.  […]

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Friday, February 15 2008

Time Machine Icon in Menu Bar

Since Mac OS X 10.5.2, there is a Time Machine Icon in the Menu Bar. Have you ever noticed that when a backup is in progress, the icon's clock goes backward ?

Wednesday, November 21 2007

What I really like about Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I recently successfully upgrade my MacBook to the new version of Mac OS X, also known as Leopard. After one hour, I had a ready to go system, without any problem. I think Leopard is a great upgrade especially for: The Finder is now very smart and responsive. The search is amazingly fast and  […]

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Tuesday, November 13 2007

Change the large size of dock icons

While testing the glass effect on the MacOS Dock on Leopard, I was suprised to see a curious parameter in com.apple.dock.plist. It is related to the large size of the dock icons when magnification is enabled. The preferences pane let you set this value to 128 at most, but you can put arbitrary value  […]

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Saturday, July 29 2006

Playing Windows Media Files with QuickTime player on Mac OS X

When you wanted to play Windows Media Files on MacOS X, the choice was pretty simple : use Windows Media Player for MacOS X. But now, there is an alternate solution : you can now play Windows Media Files with Quicktime, thanks to the Windows Media Components for QuickTime. The components are based  […]

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Tuesday, May 16 2006

JDK 1.5 source code under Eclipse on MacOS X

There is one thing pretty annoying with the Apple Java Development Kit : you don't have access to the source code under Eclipse. Why ? Simply because Apple doesn't ship it with the JDK and therefore Eclipse cannot discover it. So, what can I do if I want to have the source code linked to the JRE  […]

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