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Wednesday, November 21 2007

What I really like about Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I recently successfully upgrade my MacBook to the new version of Mac OS X, also known as Leopard. After one hour, I had a ready to go system, without any problem. I think Leopard is a great upgrade especially for: The Finder is now very smart and responsive. The search is amazingly fast and  […]

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Sunday, July 30 2006

Ejecter un CD/DVD coincé dans un MacBook/MacBook Pro

Alors que je voulais effacer un DVD réinscriptible avec l'Utilitaire de Disque de MacOS X, l'opération a lamentablement échouée. Soit. Mais, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de constater que le DVD n'était pas éjectable. Nulle part il n'apparaissait et la touche d'éjection (F12) était inopérante. C'est  […]

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Thursday, March 9 2006

Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro

They did it : it's here..