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Wednesday, September 17 2008

VMWare Fusion 2.0 is out, and it goes fast

I am a long term fan of VMWare Fusion, and I have followed with interest the various beta of VMWare Fusion. Today, I have installed the 2.0 final release, and I immediatly see that something has changed. Things seems to go faster, snappier and slicker. So, if you own a Mac and wants to go into the  […]

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Monday, February 5 2007

Troubleshooting VMWare server on a headless Linux server

Problem : When I launch my virtual machine, I cannot get a display. Solution : Be sure that the permissions of the vmx file are correct : read/write/execute permissions must be set for the user running the VMWare server.  […]

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Saturday, November 18 2006

VMWare Server as a replacement for VMWare Player

If you already have used VMWare Player, you must have noticed that it is perfect to play existing virtual machine. But if you want to create a new virtual machine from scratch, you have to dig in the vmx file, create a blank virtual hard disk (using QEMU for example) and do various things. But, an  […]

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Tuesday, February 14 2006

Solaris 10/x86 on VMWare Player

Some days ago, I wanted to try Solaris 10. The fastest way to do was to use a virtual machine. As there is no VMWare support from Sun, I created my own image. If you google a bit, you will find how to create this kind of custom image. John Bokma has done a great job to show step by step how to build  […]

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Solaris 10/x86 on VMWare Player and Virtual PC

I have been using extensively VMWare player and Virtual PC for a month now. They both have their advantages and their drawbacks but they both run well on my PC. A few days ago, I wanted to try Solaris 10 as a virtual machine. Why a virtual machine ? Because all the burden of getting a dedicated  […]

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