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Friday, December 18 2009

AddDependentFiles Addin updated for Visual Studio 2008

I have update my Visual Studio adding named "Add Dependent Files" (See the original entry). It is available for download here.

Thursday, February 1 2007

Add Link to a file in Visual Studio 2005

Maybe you have already seen that in some Visual Studio 2005 projects : a item that represents a link to a file (see image below). It is very handy to reference through a link a file : for example, if you have three projects that uses the same file, just put a link. But when I add item to my project,  […]

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Friday, December 8 2006

Dependent Files under Visual Studio 2005

A nice feature of Visual Studio 2005 is the ability to group source files by dependencies. This is what Visual Studio 2005 does when it creates a Form class or a visual control : a dependent file named from the class name is created and linked to the primary source file (as shown in the picture  […]

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Thursday, October 5 2006

Designing generic controls in Visual Studio 2005

Maybe you have just spotted the following problem with Visual Studio 2005 : you can create an abstract form, which inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form, and modify it in the visual designer. But if you inherit it, you cannot modify it in the visual designer. You think it is kind of strange, but the  […]

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