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Tuesday, November 28 2006

Using Microsoft RTC API under Windows Vista

If you are developping an application base on the Microsoft RTC API, a big surprise is awaiting you with Windows Vista. The installation of the RTC API miserably failed, because of lack of privileges. The result is that the RTC side-by-side assemblies are not available, thus the application does not  […]

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Wednesday, October 4 2006

Installing software from ISO images without burning them

More and more software are distributed on ISO images and to install them, you must burn CDs, and launch the installation. While it is great if you like to store tons of CDs, or even if you are using a rewritable medium, it is a bit clumsy and totally avoidable. Here is how. For illustration purpose,  […]

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Tuesday, March 21 2006

Microsoft.mshtml.dll within a .NET application

If you are using the MSHTML package in your .NET application, be aware that Visual Studio .NET 2003 does not copy it into you project. Instead, it references it like any other assemblies of the .NET framework. The problem is that this DLL is not installed by default on a Windows XP SP2 system. So  […]

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Thursday, March 9 2006

Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro

They did it : it's here..

Tuesday, February 14 2006

Solaris 10/x86 on VMWare Player

Some days ago, I wanted to try Solaris 10. The fastest way to do was to use a virtual machine. As there is no VMWare support from Sun, I created my own image. If you google a bit, you will find how to create this kind of custom image. John Bokma has done a great job to show step by step how to build  […]

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